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Shree Shakthi Logistics Solutions

Corporate employee Transport Service

SSS as a group believes in going all out and providing state-of-the-art logistics solutions, which are very personalized and tailor-made to suit every client. We will change the paradigms set by unorganized Employee transportation providers to meet the needs of our customers across all industries, especially IT/ITES sectors. We have integrated vehicle telematics that will help us to give the clients a good trip

24X7 service and support

Dedicated, trustworthy team

Multiple shift timings catered

MIS system integrated

Employment Transportation Services

Conceived by the need for perfection and professionalism in the field of Logistics, Shree Shakthi Logistics  Solution was started by an Exclusive team of Professionals who managed the transportation for more than 6000 Employees in Chennai being a part of Logistics Team in one of Leading BPO at Chennai.

Live GPS Tracking

Our team provides the clients with a live GPS Tracking System to know the whereabouts of the vehicle the client has been traveling on and also to keep track of the driver and the routes they take to reach the destination. 

Route Navigation

We have various vehicle telematics that is used by our team to navigate the routes. our transport team optimizes these routes by analyzing which routes are safer and have a much less travel time.


Route Violation

There is an alarm set up in each and every vehicle of ours which will go off when the driver goes in a path that has not been pre-meditated by the management. This is to look out for our customers and also to maintain a cost and fuel-efficient system for the welfare of the vehicle and the drivers concerned.  

Over Speeding Alerts

In recent times there have been a lot of complaints made about over-speeding and also rash driving. To make sure nothing like this happens to the clients in our transportation program, we have set up sensors that go off whenever the driver exceeds the given speed limitation by the transportation authorities. 

Why us?

24 x 7 Service and Support

We SSS as a group move towards assisting the clients to get the best employee transportation services. We are here to guide and accommodate the clients in all of their queries and doubts regarding the facilities. We are always happy to provide a helping hand to the clients throughout all of our facilities. Our customer care is here for the client’s utmost care and support. Any questions regarding the services provided can either be sent as a message or you can contact our 24*7 toll-free customer line. The customer care information will be provided at the end of the page

Dedicated and Trustworthy Team

Our team has several committed employees whose goals are to ensure the welfare of the passengers and drivers who are acquainted with the group. We have a variety of services dedicated solely to the process of monitoring the safety and wellness of our clients and also to giving the clients a happy and safe travel experience. We have a Fleet Management System which helps us in giving you the best employee transportation service.

Multiple shift timings

If you are a person who has to work at very odd timing, do not worry! We have you covered. We provide multiple shift timings that the client can choose from. We have multiple timing schedules best suited for the client’s convenience. We also provide a GPS tracking system which helps the clients and the company in tracking the vehicles and making sure nothing puts the clients in jeopardy. We also provide additional services like hiring a female driver for a female-friendly travel experience.

Management integrated system

If you are wondering how we optimize all our data and information, we have a Management Integrated System software which helps us in maintaining all the records and databases on every driver, passenger and on each and every transportation made. This system helps us in maintaining collecting and storing all the data and information we have on the complete  Employee Transportation Program

Our Services

Employee Transportation Services

We provide the clients with a safe and swift transportation experience. We offer different timing to suit the client’s daily work schedule. We especially collaborate with IT companies in providing their workers with the best services. 

Fleet Management

We have a team of experienced and skilled fleet managers who are to make sure that the vehicles are in a good form and also to make sure that our systems work in the fuel-efficient and cost-efficient ways possible.

Driver Recruitment and Training 

Our service and work ethics will be reflected in our drivers. The drivers under our company will go through a strict selection process that will help us in getting the best drivers available in the market. 

Safety Audits and Compliance

We work around the clock to ensure that there are no safety hazards occurring with our transportation system. We have set sensors and alarms that are mainly to guarantee the safety and security of the passengers at all times.

Our Clients

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Contact Tracing

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