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Fleet Management Services

We provide excellent support in the seamless integration of new technologies in employee transportation. We always aim to be the best-preferred vendor in the market when our clients want to make a change in traditional ETS Methodologies. TMS is tested and implemented by our team of operational specialists, so customers can receive the best support possible. We provide a live test report and a complete feasibility feedback report to our client before going live. This has helped to implement TMS a great success for our client.


What We Offer

Managing Drivers

Vehicle Maintenance

Route Planning


Managing Drivers

Employee transportation relies heavily on drivers. Using these fleet management services our team of fleet managers will be able to monitor the location of the driver and vehicles at all times. No matter what the size of the fleet is, managing an entire fleet of vehicles is a huge task. But our fleet managers implemented various software that ensures the entire fleet of vehicles is in a good condition.


 Our team at SSS uses dash cams or vehicle tracking systems to monitor the vehicle around the clock. This option here helps in tracking the driver through GPS  by doing this we can assure the safety of the driver and also to further verify the routes taken by the driver so as to give our clients a swift and safe travel as well as to maintain the fuel consumption and monitor the well-being of the vehicle.

Route Planning

This option here is to allocate a specified route according to easy accessibility, safety, fuel consumption etc. In addition to this, we provide an Estimated Arrival Time that makes it easier for the clients to know the timings on when and where they will be arriving. The two main pillars fleet managers take into consideration are the safety of the employees in the transportation system and fuel-efficient driving of the drivers. 


Taking these as the goals our team works on coming up with the best route that satisfies the client’s schedule, safety, and comfort. Don’t worry about the safety because we have it covered by placing trackers on vehicles, which can be accessed by the clients and our team at all times during their driving period. In any case of emergency, we will be able to operate swiftly to assist the client on their journey.

Vehicle maintenance

Another major duty of our fleet managers is to maintain the vehicle in proper health according to the guidelines provided by the specialized authorities.  Using these fleet management services our team can monitor and track the route the driver is taking and ensure safety for the driver as well as the vehicle. We have also embedded sensors in our vehicles to make sure there is no over speeding happening in our vehicles. 

Under any circumstances, if our vehicle experiences any kind of malfunction like an inflated tire, for example, our team will be notified of the problem and will look into sending you another vehicle immediately. We also have a team that constantly monitors the wellness of the vehicle in our fleet of employees’ transportation service. We give our vehicles regular checkups according to the guidelines provided.