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Employee Transportation Services

                 SSS  was started exclusively for provding best in class Employee transporation Services to corporate clients. We aim at being a provider  to blend the technology and the transportation services which is most sought out for by the corporate. We believe being in pace with the advanced technologies that bring about the change is always a boon to the business and an opportunity to grow.SSS- Safety,Security and Satisfaction is our mission and this is made possible by integrating tranporation with technoloy.


What We Offer

View Trip Details

OTP based Trip Check-in

Real-time tracking

Feedback Mechanism

Route Optimization

24*7 Help-desk


Trip Details

We offer trip details of every trip the client has ever undertaken under our company, by sending them emails, through messages, or even invoices (if requested) the clients containing the trip details after the completion of every trip. Our team has software that assists in collecting and storing data, through this, we also have the information of every trip ever made under our employee transportation service.

Additionally, we also provide the driver’s star rating along with customer feedback and the number of years a driver has been with us. This will help the clients in trusting their driver with their safety and timing. A pleasant trip is always an essential one. 


OTP based trip check-in

Initially, the clients will be sent an OTP to their registered mobile number immediately when the trip is scheduled. Once the driver enters, the trip will commence. This is to avoid any miscommunications happening and even to avoid fake drivers. If the OTP is not a match the clients should immediately step out of the vehicles and the authorities will be contacted immediately without any delay. 

This option is to ease out any safety concerns arising in our clients.  If the client is anxious about fake rides or fake drivers or the general concern about safety. How this works is when the client enters the vehicle, a series of numbers will be sent to the client’s aforementioned contact number. The client has to mention this number to the driver who then has to enter the number into the system provided to them to start the ride. Our team has set up sensors in the vehicle which will immediately notify us about the problem. Do not enter into any vehicle without mentioning the OTP!


Real-time tracking

This real-time tracking software allows the client and also our team to track the status of the ride and the route being taken. We offer this to the client as a safety precaution. This can be shared with the client’s immediate family and friends, by this the primary contact of the client will be notified about the precise location of the vehicle. Our employee transportation service will make sure that no problems will be faced by the client under our service.

If the driver by any chance turns off the GPS tracking the system will be alerted of this and the driver will be contacted immediately. If we suspect any foul practice with the driver the trip will be suspended and another vehicle will be sent to the client’s precise location and the client will be escorted to their destination safely.


24*7 help desk

Our customer service will be operating every hour of every day. We assist in scheduling, queries, route management, and difficulties faced during the trip. We take our client’s words seriously. Any difficulties the client face will be immediately taken into action by our customer care staff. Our main goal is to assist the client and give them a comfortable ride. 

The clients can contact us at any time of any day no matter what their schedule may be, using our toll-free number and will be connected to the help desk without any delays. Queries regarding scheduling will also be handled by our help desk. Feel free to contact us at any time! We have linked the customer care phone number and also an Email ID at the end of the page. Just scroll through the end to click on customer care and contact us!

Additionally, we also provide the driver’s star rating along with customer feedback and the number of years a driver has been with us. This will help the clients in trusting their driver with their safety and timing. A pleasant trip is always an essential one. 

Office Ride Enterprise

Office Ride Enterprise is a fully-customizable mobility solution that delivers affordable, efficient and modern employee transportation services. With best-in-class safety and sanitation protocols, we ensure your peace of mind when your employees commute with us.

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Daily Office Commute

If you are a person looking for a regular service, this service will come in handy for you. We offer this service for people who are looking into an employee transportation service for a safe trip on all working days. The client has to book our services beforehand mentioned their schedule,  if a woman cab driver is expected to our team and our team will work towards coming up with the required route and working around a comfortable timing.

Night Shift Commute

Since our service mainly works with the IT Sector. They are known for having multiple shifts the one problem will be the night shift.  But don’t worry! Our employee transportation services have you covered on that. We have shuttle services as well as other modes of transport that will help the client to have a comfortable ride. We also provide a security guard who will tag throughout the entire trip to make sure the clients reach their destination safely and also at the estimated time. This will be completely managed by our managers under the fleet management services.

Women’s Only Cabs

If a female client has specific preferences so as to have a women-only transportation service, the women-only cab option is the best option for them. These services will also be provided to the employees who work the night shift. We will be sending you a link to your device on the location of the device. This link can also be shared with the client’s primary contact. We will be sending you a message on your device with the timing of your arrival.  

Shuttle Services

To help our clients travel without spending a lot of money, we offer them shuttle services. We cover all the main and frequently requested areas. There will be many buses regularly to cover most of the areas and also to cover most of the shifts. Pre-booking is required for this service, as well as an upfront payment. By availing of these services, the clients will be traveling with a group of other people.