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Driver Recruitment and Training

Drivers are the real heros who make the travel of an employee  a memorable one – Understanding the fact that the drivers are the first reflection that a employee sees of a corporate .We strongly believe that a happy travel to office would make the employee perform  much better


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Driver recruitment and hiring

As the saying goes, “ first impression is the best impression”. Our drivers give the first impression about our company. Keeping this in mind we take the selection process of our drivers very seriously. We have a very thorough hiring process. The first thing we look into is the licenses of our drivers. 

We check whether the drivers have an educational qualification legally required to employ them. And we make sure that they have a commercial/private license with them at the time of application. Without this, the application of the driver will be rejected immediately. We check if the driver has a criminal record, if we come across one they will immediately be rejected from the hiring process.

We have detailed and thorough processing when it comes to hiring the drivers for our fleet of employee transportation vehicles. Our goal is to hire drivers who put out their best foot forward in giving the best possible journey for our clients. A good journey will make the client happy which will, in turn, make our company happy. Scroll to the end of the page if you want to join our team of drivers. We have qualified instructors who will guide the team in providing a safe and pleasant trip.


Training procedure

The drivers hired under our company will undergo a very strict recruitment regimen and will be trained under experienced and specialized instructors. We educate our drivers on fuel management, first aid, and safety precautions under our training regimen and also on how to utilize the vehicle, and reduce fuel consumption. We select the best candidates to give you a safe and sophisticated journey.

We also monitor the welfare of the drivers along with the vehicle’s maintenance through a group of our fleet management team.

Our drivers train under experienced instructors. We give them training on security, disaster control, and first aid help, which will help the clients in case of any emergencies. We guarantee the clients are in our safe hands. We also have regular check-ins to ensure the drivers are in good health.


Drug Testing

Our company is vehemently against the usage of drugs and alcohol by our drivers. We have strict rules concerning the intoxication of our drivers. We have surprise safety tests done on our employees to make sure they are not under the influence of any drugs. If our team gets to know of any complaints of that sort, the driver involved will be questioned. If our suspicion is confirmed they will be immediately removed from our team., they will immediately be suspended and reprimanded from their duties. Safety is our utmost priority.

According to research, there is approximately 1 road accident happening every 4 mins in India. India has one of the worst road accident rates in the world. Most of these accidents are caused due to too intoxicated drivers. Our team has come up with several schemes such as ZAP to ensure that there will be no such fatalities from our company.

BG Check

Documentation and background checks

Background checks are crucial in our hiring process. We make sure that our drivers have no criminal records on them.   We take all of our tests under the national road safety policy guidelines. If we encounter any illegal activities in our drivers, they will immediately be reprimanded. As we mentioned earlier, drivers create the first impression on our company. We take care in documenting the data of our drivers. We guarantee that the drivers under our company are very professional in their work. 

Every test undergone by the drivers is monitored and recorded in our systems. This helps our team maintain the wellness of the drivers at all times. We also provide regular mental health tests on our drivers to help improve their performance. Feedbacks from our clients are very important to us. We have weekly tests, monthly tests, and annual tests that help us in maintaining a proper fleet.

Become a safer driver & ensure you pass your driving test on the first go!

Want to join our team and become a driver for our company? Give us your name and the required details to our team and if we feel like you are the best fit for the company, we will contact you. You have to take a driving test to pass the first level of the hiring process. Contact us and get in touch with us!

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We introduce ZAP, our zero accident policy. Our company works for the wellness safety and comfort of the client. Under this policy, w can guarantee that the clients will be subjected to no harm or any safety violations. Please use the query form to know more about this policy directly from our team.

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