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Safety Audits and Compliance

We distinguish ourselves from other vendors on the market through safety compliance and auditing. In addition to the independent team that conducts the surprise safety audits, we have an on-road audit team that makes surprise visits to clients’ places or looks at vehicles while on the road.


What We Offer

Daily walk around checks

Driver defect reporting

Safety inspections

Maintenance arrangements

Quality monitoring

Maintenance records


Safety inspections

Our team conducts tests regularly on our drivers to combat any usage of any alcohol or drugs whilst under our administration. In addition to these testing, we also conduct regular mental health checkups on our derivers. As mental health can also alter the driver’s persona while driving, we have implemented this policy in our schemes to ensure the wellness of the driver and the safety of our clients.

Our team conducts surprise safety tests on both our vehicles and our drivers. As mentioned earlier we have regular tests done on our drivers to ensure that the clients are in good hands. We also check our vehicles regularly on engine oil levels, tyre pressure, and fuel consumption levels. These are some of the important tests we do on our vehicles to monitor the wellness of the entire fleet. 

Walk Around

A daily walk-around checks:

India has one of the worst road accident fatalities in a year. About 1 road fatality every 4 mins. Taking these factors into account, we come up with everyday checkups and weekly checkups. These happen on a regular basis. Additional to this we also conduct tests annually. 

Our everyday check-in inspection monitors the condition of the windscreens, seat belts, lights, tyre, tyre pressure, and fuel. This helps our team in a maintained fully functioning fleet and a cost-efficient fleet at all times

We have engine oil checking, battery condition checking, brake fluid monitoring, and checking for any leaks in the vehicle on a weekly basis. This ensures that the vehicle is in a good form and also it helps us reduce the risk of any fatalities in a long run.


Driver defect reporting

We have set alarms inside our vehicles that go off if there is any kind of defect found in our vehicle. With this, we also work with the feedback given by the clients on the behavior of our drivers. In case of any bad feedback, we immediately work on resolving the route cause of the problem along with the driver.

According to sources, there has been an increase in the number of accidents with those who were under the influence of alcohol or any form of recreational drug. To reduce this we facilitate regular alcohol and drug checks on our drivers to ensure that the clients and the drivers are safe


Quality Monitoring

Our fleet of employee transportation services gives importance to the quality of journey for the clients. To ensure this we have a quality monitoring team who works regularly on the quality of services provided by the driver for the clients, the in-vehicle maintenance, and managing the wellness of the vehicle. We maintain records on the tests done and the well-mannered drivers. These will further help the team is also maintaining a cost-efficient fleet.


Maintaining records

Quality checking alone is not enough to facilitate the safety of the driver and clients. We also maintain a record of every driver and every test they have undertaken along with the outcomes of each test. We also maintain a complete record of all the vehicles, the dealers of the vehicles, and receipts on every check-up the vehicle has undertaken. 

We have an inspection history on every vehicle and driver under our company. These records help us in analyzing the operational and maintenance costs of the cost and also ensure the drivers well being. 

Safety Compliance and Audits

Any non-compliance backlog, such as missing kits, first aid kits, etc., is immediately addressed.  

Our team makes sure that we meet the client’s safety compliance criteria.

A good journey will make the client which will, in turn, make our company happy 

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